Provide Japanese Quality IT Services With Asian Human Resource.


1. Vision

CO-WELL Asia strives to become the leading IT enterprise of providing IT services with Japanese quality, by using young elite workforce from Asia.

2. Mission

  • CO-WELL’s main target is customers from Japan and Asia .We support the best services of constructing and operating, as well as enhancing IT system, and improving customers’ business efficiency based on Internet.
  • CO-WELL commits to create products of high quality software with abosolute security ensured, which meet the strict quality standards of most demanding markets like Japan.
  • With our motto “People is the key to success ”, CO-WELL create an opening, solidary bright work environment in order to integrate and motivate members to strive for the same goals, hence create new values for customers and community.

3. Competitive advantage

  • Japanese quality :

    • High Technological capability with high security, professional manufacturing and testing process which are closely monitored by Japanese engineers, are factors that create trademark of CO-WELL Asia brand.
  • Asia’s high-quality human resource:

    • CO-WELL are proud of a large and powerful team with more than 200 engineers and excellent technology consultants from Japan, Vietnam and other Asian countries. We provides customers with the best support in term of IT systems construction, operation and improvement.
    • Most of our BSE had been professionally trained and they have many years of experiences working with Japanese customers. Therefore, they fully understand global software quality standards, as well as foreign language and culture.
    • Our team of engineers and software testing staff (QA/Tester) are regularly trained so that they can cultivate their skills, and effectively coordinate in a professional workflow, which ensures the quality of our products can meet any strict standard in the world.
  • Cohesive working environment and low turnover rate:

    • Opening friendly working environment and solidarity among members play an important role in helping us maintain a low turnover rate, which is lower than the average number of IT industry in Vietnam.
    • Besides, CO-WELL also creates an environment which encourages employees to continuously learn to improve their skills. We also build professionally training programs with leading experts as mentors in order to raising human resources, which is considered as a key factor to success.

4. Core values

  • Human : In CO-WELL, “Human resource is the core”. Human is the most important factor, which decides the success and growth of the company. Therefore, CO-WELL focuses on training activities in order to help individuals improve their skills, working experiences and Japanese proficiency.

    Open and friendly working environment encourage members to bond together and have long-term commitment with the company.

  • Wisdom: CO-WELL wishes to become “a learning enterprise”, in which each individual can always keep their enthusiasm at work, continuos innovation, and raise their eager to learn and challenge.

  • Prestige: CO-WELL always considers product quality as the most important factor, and protecting customers’ trust as saving our self-honor. Each individual are always aware of process strict adherence and commits to our customers in to ensure the best quality of work.

* Core value orients thoughts and actions of all staffs of the company and guide customers, partners and society’s feeling, thoughts and actions toward us.

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