Joining the IT outsourcing market since 2009, so far CO-WELL Asia has become a trusted partner of many large companies in Japan. With a development team of more than 200 personnel with high qualifications who are scientifically and methodically managed, we have been providing comprehensive and high quality outsourcing services to our customers for years.

Depending on their own characteristics, customers could select between Fix - Bid and Labor Contract.

Positions that CO-WELL offers:
Developer (DEV):

Our DEVs all graduated from top universities in Vietnam such as: Hanoi University of Technology, Da Nang University of Technology, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology, University of Technology – Hanoi National University… with experiences of 2-3 years for Junior, and 3-5 years for Senior. We assure that the systems are designed and programmed with the most advanced technology, exact to customers’ requirements. We have developed a lot of web applications (.NET, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, Perl..) and smartphone applications (iOS – C Object, Swift, aOS, Winphone).

Quality Assurance (QA, Tester):

Our QAs/Testers all have experience of more than 2 years of working in corresponding positions. Towards Japan market, our QAs all have Japanese Language Profiency Certificate of N3 or higher (comprehensive Japanese); and good English Reading and Writing Skill. QAs’ tasks include: Planning Test, Creating Testcase and Test Script; Performing functional test and combination test; synthesizing and reporting project’s quality status. Moreover, in order to continuously improve the productivity, all QAs is required to apply automatical testing tool, scientific workflow, test first…. Also, QA team has regular training activities including courses, seminars, Onjob-training in order to share and gather information, as well as to enhance their abilities. Our product quality is highly appreciated and trusted even by “fastidious” customers from Japan – the cradle of high quality products.

Project Manager (PM):

Most of CO-WELL’s PMs are engineers who have experience of 4-5 years of programming experience and good technical capability. Plus, they are all skilled in Software Project Management, Progress Management, Quality Management, Risk Management and Subordinate Personnel Management. Japanese’s methods of management such as PDCA are always grasped and implemented within the team by PMs in order to continuously improve the quality and productivity of engineers and projects. The customers could have complete assurance and total confidence in us.

Bridge System Engineer (BSE):

The standard for BSE of CO-WELL Asia is always higher than that of other outsourcing companies. All of our BSEs have Japanese Language Profiency Certificate of N2 or higher (advanced level), and experience of more than 2 years of working with Japanese customers. Many of them have spent a couple of years studying and working in Japan before coming back to the country and joining our team. Apart from the duty as a PM like mentioned above, every day, every week our BSEs also have to communicate directly with the customers to get requests and instructions; and report to customers the progress, status of the project as well as solution for encountered problems.

Why CO-WELL Asia is trusted by customers:
  • Product quality,
  • High Stability
  • Ensuring high security
  • Cost reduction
  • Helping customers shorten the amount of time of service implementation
  • Helping customers focus on core competence

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